Children's stories told of a time when the rain fell from the sky on its own. According to the stories, the planet somehow knew it needed water and sent rain to make the trees and plants grow. Adults laugh at the stories now and pay rainmakers like you to water their crops. However, more frequently of late, headlines tell of wildfires plaguing the west, just like they had before the rainmakers stepped forward to save the people they once thought of as invaders. As the largest fire in history advances on your ancestral native lands, you step forward. Yet you immediately realize that this is no ordinary fire. It breathes with the heart of the blackest souls, the ancient enemy of your people, and is looking for the strongest warrior. The rain dancers have not done battle since before the gold rush, but this land belongs to you, and you won't let the fires consume what's left of your heritage. You just might need a little help.


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  • 28 September 2022
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